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Hosted by Heather Storm and Jim Cunningham

Everyone has an emotional attachment to a car.  It might have been their first car, their dad’s car or just a car they have always admired.  For many it becomes a true loving passion that first began as a teenager.  


Welcome to Awesome Autos. Join Heather Storm and Jim Cunningham as they go to car shows in beautiful locations. You will be entertained by these Awesome Autos and their colorful back stories as told by their proud owners. These stories will bring back memories and be inspiring. Have fun learning about the American auto experience and how these incredible machines have been changing lives since the first Ford Model T rolled on the road.  Discover the vibrant and positive culture of the Awesome Auto.

Your Host
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Heather Storm is an intelligent, beautiful and multi-talented television personality who redefines what it means to be a modern renaissance woman. She was a series host on MortorTrend Network's hit series "Garage Squad" for 4 seasons. On-camera talent, producer and content creator, Heather has stared in over 100 television commercial and countless lifestyle campaigns. 


Jim was inspired to create Awesome Autos by going to car shows and listening to passionate owners eagerly share their personal journey and emotional attachment with their four-wheel friend.


It all starts with a dream, followed by action, then having the pure joy of ownership and being a part of the American car culture. These relatable stories are about memories, family and adventure.  Why the cowboy hat?  Jim has owned as many horses as he has cars.


"The stars are the awesome autos themselves. Lovingly owned, restored and maintained they represent the history of American automobile. They are in all classes from the vintage to the latest high tech marvels of engineering. Market values range from the moderately priced to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every viewer will be exposed to the awesomeness of the automobile and many will personally relate to the stories that accompany them."

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"Auto enthusiasts are in a culture of their own creation. There are untold thousands maybe millions that reside in every town and city in the nation representing a huge potential viewing audience. Passion for design, speed, style, mechanics and history are combined with the special memories that make great stories. Many of these enthusiastic collectors are masterful story tellers who are eager to share their genuine affection for these awesome works of art that have literally propelled man into the modern era."

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